photo by Anne Hugus

I met Amy a few years ago working on a wedding up in Tarrytown. And then our paths kept crossing. I love her positive energy, and just as she mentions in feedback from a bride below, she’s just so cheerful to be around. Every year, the folks at 501 Union open their doors to the industry for a week of co-working and collaboration. I was not only able to spend some time with Amy, but lucky enough to have her take my gorgeous new headshots! Without further ado, I’m happy to introduce Amy Sims of AMY SIMS PHOTOGRAPHY!

What was the path that led you to become a photographer?
I grew up in a theatrical family and went to college for theater performance. Over the years, I always enjoyed taking headshots for other actors and taking production photos. After I got married in 2012, I started thinking about wedding photography. I interned with an established wedding photography studio where I learned the ins and outs of the business, as well as honed my photography skills. I quickly went from intern to second shooter to associate photographer. In 2015, I branched out on my own.

What excites you about weddings?
Seeing all the different ways people celebrate. There are so many different cultural, religious, family, and personal traditions. I love seeing people excited to celebrate – especially on the dance floor!

What do you look for in a couple?
Loving offbeat couples are my jam.

What does that mean?
I love couples that are naturally silly together, that have their own inside jokes and aren’t too worried about everything going “perfectly”. I love couples who want to experience their wedding, and trust that I will capture the moments and preserve their emotional memories.

What is the greatest compliment you’ve ever received?
I’m happy to say that I’ve received a lot of great compliments from my clients, it’s hard to choose! There was one wedding a couple of years ago where the groom’s mother was sick and had to leave the wedding early. A few days later, she emailed me telling me that I made her smile even though she felt ill. She said that while she was really upset to have missed some of her sons wedding she was thankful I was there to capture the moments she couldn’t be there for. The bride also reached out and said, “You did such a great job making everyone feel comfortable and cheerful, especially [the groom]’s mom. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer.” Those are the moments that make me feel special and remind me of just how important my photos are to people. It’s a really powerful feeling.

What do you desire for your business?
Really just more and more of the same. I love the individuals and couples I’m attracting and I just want more of these wonderful, loving, goofballs. I want to work with more awesome creatives in the industry. There is so much creativity and unique things vendors construct that make up a great wedding. Yeah, that’s it. I want to work with more great couples and more great vendors.

What are you grateful for?
Oh, so many things. I’m grateful for the support of this community, my friends and family, and especially my husband, Kevin. He’s my number one fan, he constantly boosts my confidence and encourages me to take risks. I appreciate that I’ve found a career doing something I’m good at and something I love. I’m grateful for not needing a “day job” anymore. I’m thankful for the confidence and fulfillment being a photographer has given me.

Any recent cause for celebration?
Probably. Oh! I recently took apart my whole laptop myself and replaced the battery. And it all still works! That may not be what you meant, but I’m really proud of it!


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